Reaching Your Ideal Weight is a Mindset


I know we all want to become healthier, fitter, and happier…

Because when we do, we are inspired to lead empowering lives.

I bet reaching your ideal weight is at the top of your life goals list… or close to the top, right?

If you’ve ever struggled to reach your ideal weight and maintain it, you’re not alone. I know how hard it can be.

In order to realize your ideal weight goals you have to have the right frame of mind.

In other words, weight loss is more of a mental awareness than a physical challenge.

Did you know if you focus on losing something your brain actually kicks into high gear and tries to find it?

That’s why so many people put back the weight they’ve lost… and sometimes even more!

Successful weight loss — or as I call it, reaching your ideal weight — begins when you commit to changing your mindset.

So you focus on your desired outcome with an attitude, awareness and attention that empowers you…

Retraining your brain to think, choose and act differently.

The truth is, we are so conditioned by our habits and mindsets that sometimes we fail to realize the mental barriers we create that cause us to resist change.

And what’s even more troubling is constantly listening to your internal voice that says, “I am unhappy with the way I look and feel and it’s time to do something about it.”

It takes a strong commitment to want to change, and a belief that you can. But most people give up on themselves before they achieve the change they want in their life. Is that what you do, too?

So what’s the answer?

I have found a way to transcend the mental barriers that are the last obstacle between the old way of thinking that holds you back and the new freedom that awaits you…

The most powerful way to retrain your brain is to focus on the positive outcomes you want in your life by sculpting mindsets of success.

By creating success habits and powerful daily success rituals, you set yourself up for success everyday.

Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to break and create a new habit. When you repeat a positive behavior over and over, it becomes second nature and positive outcomes are the result.

That’s how you will reach your ideal weight.

Your emotions and thoughts are a direct result of what you believe is possible — including the way you feel about your body.

But no matter how hard you focus on your weight loss goals, unless you incorporate the one thing that will keep you committed, you will eventually give up on yourself.

That one thing is a success mindset.

If you can create these new habits, your brain will like it, your body will like it and you ‘ll fall in love with the way you look all over again.

To help you sculpt your ideal physical presence, here are 3 mental steps to take to lose weight, feel great, and become a better you…

Mental Step #1:
Always Have a Positive Outlook on Your Body

Exercise and diet isn’t the hard part. It’s actually the lack of a sustainable belief that you can lose weight.

When you look into the mirror, don’t look at your flaws but recognize your beauty.

Think about everything you like about yourself.

Even though weight loss is about health and lifestyle change, a positive belief that you can reach and maintain your ideal weight is the first step to your success.

Mental Step #2:
Commit to Choosing the Actions that Support Your New Mindset

It’s no secret that weight loss requires discipline.

When you make choices that positively impact your health you become more dedicated, determined and decisive.

You commit to taking action with a new sense of personal power.

You look forward to challenging yourself and having fun doing it.

Mental Step #3: Don’t Think About What You Shouldn’t Do

Rather than focus on how much you miss something…

Think about what you gain as a result of your new mindset and the lifestyle you are creating.

Enjoy experiencing new ways of exercising both in the gym and outside.

Try healthy recipes that you’ll enjoy making and eating, such as a delicious, healthy, and filling smoothie you can put together in minutes.

Do things with your friends and family. Set goals you can achieve, and acknowledge and celebrate your wins every day. And remember to always take an action rather than making an excuse.

If you’d like to learn more about a powerful audio program that can help you easily shift your mindset, check out Sculptations. The Sculptations MindSculpting Technology is easy to use…

Just slip on your headphones, relax and let the MindSculpting music and brain entrainment frequencies retrain your brain to sculpt a healthier and beautiful new you.

About the Author:

Paul Hoffman is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer, coach, and transformational songwriter.

He is the Visionary and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Success Creation Institute, Success Songs, and the Sculpting Your Life Series.

He’s a former cocaine addict and alcohol abuser who 25 years ago had a multimillion-dollar jingle business and was on the verge of literally killing himself because of his self-destructive behavior. Thankfully he is now sober 25 years. His story is incredible, and he truly knows the power of having the right mindset.

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