The Next Generation of MindSculpting

The idea behind Sculptations is simple: when you Sculpt your mind, you harness the most powerful asset to your health and happiness—a focused, success-centered mind.

As the creators of OmHarmonics, we’ve brought our revolutionary audio technology to millions of people worldwide—only now we’re taking our technology even further and giving you the keys to Sculpt the life you want.

Sculptations is a scientifically engineered audio tool that anyone can use to Sculpt the life he or she wants. When you listen to Sculptations MindSculpting Tracks, you immediately ease into a state of deepened awareness and control—freeing you to connect with your desires and tap into your true potential.

No matter whether you desire greater wealth or weight loss, more creativity or deeper relationships, Sculptations helps to focus your mind so you Sculpt the life you dream about.

Our Sculptations audio tracks use our proprietary MRT brain entrainment technology, which is a combination of binaural beats, heartbeat, and breathing patterns along with empowering music—to create a special blend of MindSculpting tunes that are scientifically proven to affect brain wave patterns to induce positive effects, including…

  • Heightened focus.
  • Expanded creativity.
  • Greater problem-solving capabilities.
  • Better pain control.
  • Enhanced learning capacity.
  • A more intimate physical connection with your partner.
  • An ideal environment for you to attract success.

Through both guided visualizations and non-guided audio tracks, Sculptations MindSculpting Tracks seamlessly enter your consciousness, interacting with your brain chemistry to create new neural pathways.

The noise of uncertainty and indecision shuts out, as you tune in to your innermost thoughts and desires.

Without external distractions, you can create the mind-body connection that empowers you to take charge of your health, wealth, relationships, and life.

Whether you listen to one track a day or multiple times throughout the day, Sculptations unlocks an infinite store of control, creativity, and personal and professional success.

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Meet Paul Hoffman
The Minds behind MindSculpting

Paul Hoffman is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer, coach, and transformational songwriter. He is the visionary and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Success Creation Institute, Success Songs, and the Sculpting Your Life Series.

He teaches principles and strategies on how to create powerful, daily Success Habits that result in mindsets of success.  His programs have inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of people to Sculpt the life they dream about.

His DaySculpting Productivity Program, Sculptations, and OmHarmonics MindSculpting meditation programs, his Success Songs, and his unique brand of personal coaching help his students tap into the true dimension of their highest potential. Paul Hoffman is one of the foremost pioneers of audio meditation technology.

Paul is passionate about MINDSET. His programs have successfully helped people create more wealth, better health, meaningful and powerful personal and business relationships, and a deeper connection to their spiritual growth.

As a speaker, he has shared the stage with T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, The Dalai Lama, Keith Cunningham, Greg Habstritt, Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Lynn Twist, Loral Langmeier, Cynthia Kersey, and Marci Shimoff, among others.

In the corporate world, he has helped top companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, GE, General Motors, Sprint, Nestles, Kellogg’s, and AT&T.

He also wrote a famous little ditty you might have heard called, “Have You Driven a Ford…Lately?” which is in the Advertising Music Hall of Fame.

Paul’s committed to helping people go from the impossible to the possible. He helps others overcome mental roadblocks and mind clutter, knowing that a pure and focused mind is the key to Sculpting what you truly want from life. His purpose is to inspire, educate, and empower people to take action and participate fully in their lives so they make a beneficial contribution to the planet.

As Paul likes to say…life is what you make it!